Relax, Release, Breathe


Tulamassage is a full-body oil massage that takes place on a futon and practiced in sync with the rhythms and melodies of specific musical compositions. The primary focus of Tulamassage is on lasting release, both physically and emotionally. Ideally it is followed by Tulayoga, a treatment where your body and hearth will open and align through gravity.

It is a therapy through an energetic healing. By cleaning, balancing and charging your body through its energetic center I can help you heal injuries or pathologies, recent or old.



I have been working as a scientist for the past 10 years in several countries, as an R&D engineer in physics and image processing. My scientific background always pushes me to experiment and check.


For several years I have been questioning the links between body, mind and emotions.  Martial arts then Yoga gave me a first insight of the psychological benefits that we get from a more flexible body. Training in massages, Qigong and theater courses brought me the links between body, emotions and energies.


I firmly believe that our physical and mental well-being are deeply connected. Gaining freedom in once body gives freedom in once mind; gaining freedom in once mind gives freedom in once body.


Contact and Booking

Please contact me via email to book a treatment in Magnetism or Tula

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